Introducing the only GPS motorcycle tracking/security system that protects both the motorcycle and the rider.

Phantom Tracking is the one system to offer motorcycle riders safety and security. Phantom Tracking is the first in the world to combine an anti-theft security/tracking system with a crash detection feature using GPS enabled technology. This technology allows Phantom Tracking to notify you if your motorcycle is being moved.

Designed specifically for today's motorcycle, Phantom Tracking is simply the best anti-theft and crash detection system in the world made exclusively for motorcycles. The unit is designed to fit your American V-Twin or metric motorcycle. Phantom Tracking gives you complete peace of mind with one click of the remote.

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Theft Protection / Recovery

It should come as no surprise that motorcycle theft is on the rise, what is surprising is the rate at which motorcycle theft has increased. Motorcycle thefts have increased 50% since 2004 and now stand at 63,828 nation-wide. Read more...

Riding alone? . . . Not anymore!

Phantom Tracking’s crash detection technology means that wherever you go someone’s there to watch out for you. Read more...

How does it work?

To the user, the Phantom unit works much like the traditional key fob controlled security systems. You press the button, and we do the rest. Read more...