Theft Protection / Recovery

It should come as no surprise that motorcycle theft is on the rise,

what is surprising is the rate at which motorcycle has increased. Motorcycle thefts have increased 50% since 2004 and now stand at 63,828 nation-wide. This stands in contrast to automobiles thefts which are down 12.6% in 2008 from 2007 and down 8.1% in 2007 from 2006. On average in the US a motorcycle is stolen every 8 minutes. The news gets worse from there, motorcycle parts, including frames, can be more easily altered, reused and camouflaged than car or truck parts. This results in a lower recovery rate for stolen motorcycles than automobiles: 13-20% for motorcycles vs. 60-70% for automobiles.

Unlike automobiles, motorcycles can easily be stolen without having to start them. A stolen motorcycle can be placed in the bed of a standard pick-up truck, rendering wheel, caliper and steering locks useless. Some OEM security solutions include engine immobilization technologies but these only help if the thief intends to drive them off. Alarms that include flashing lights and sirens are easily disabled with the use of an ordinary hammer.

Once a motorcycle is stolen the chances of recovering the motorcycle decrease with every passing hour which is why you need an active self-monitoring security. Passive security systems that rely on the owner to take action such as reporting the theft before begin the tracking and recovery operations leave you exposed to greater risk.

Additionally alarm systems that rely on police departments to carry special equipment to track a stolen motorcycle will work only within the jurisdiction of that police department, if the stolen motorcycle is beyond that police department it cannot be tracked. The truth is that motorcycle theft happens just about anywhere which is why you need a system that can track just about anywhere. Phantom Tracking works with local law enforcement departments in every state so that no matter where a theft occurs, movement can be tracked and reported within minutes of a theft.