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Guardian Global Technologies, Inc., the parent company of Phantom Tracking, is a technology company based in Southern California. It develops and markets advanced solutions for the tracking of property and assets by utilizing its proprietary GPS enabled real-time monitoring technology. Guardian Global unique analysis software and 24 hour monitoring service allows its products to be used in conjunction with various anti-theft and collision detection applications.

About Phantom Tracking Security Systems

With its development laboratories in Southern California, Phantom's dedicated team of engineers and programmers have created the next generation of smart anti-theft recovery systems which utilize the most current state-of-the-art technologies available today.

Phantom Tracking is the first GPS enabled anti-theft and collision detection system in the world to provide both safety and security for motorcycles. Phantom Tracking brings together traditional alarm features with proprietary hardware and software together along with integrated GPS surveillance technology to monitor and report collision detection and potential theft violations of your motorcycle instantly anywhere within North America. With over 3 years of design and development, our vision is to provide a high level of service and protection that exceeds anything else on the market.

For more information about Phantom Tracking and how it works, be sure to visit our products page.