How Phantom Tracking Works.

Phantom Tracking is designed to give the rider complete peace of mind for the riders safety and the motorcycle’s security

When the Phantom is armed, the motorcycle’s electrical system is shut down; the bike cannot be “forced” to run even with the key or the ignition in the ON position. The Phantom unit will send a point of activation signal to the monitoring center (showing the time, date, and location of the motorcycle).

If someone attempts to move the motorcycle, while it is armed, in any direction the 3D accelerometer can detect the movement and immediately send an alarm signal to the secured servers. When the server receives the alarm message it will send a text message to your cell phone while at the same time forward the alarm message to the monitoring center. At the monitoring center one of their highly trained operators will contact you and ask you to verify whether your motorcycle is stolen or had a false alarm. If the motorcycle is confirmed stolen, the operator will then contact local law enforcement in the area the theft took place and give them the exact location, heading, and speed of your motorcycle so it can be quickly recovered.

Occasionally cell phones end up where they don; work, either on an airplane or in some underground parking structure. Just because your cell phone can’t be reached is no reason to have a lapse in the security for your motorcycle. When the monitoring center cannot reach you on your cell phone and the motorcycle is moving they will go to fail safe mode and begin recovery operations immediately.

In the event that the motorcycle was moved by you or simply fell down while being armed, the unit will still send the signals to both the your cell phone and monitoring center. Once the monitoring center receives the signal one of their highly trained operators will contact you (cell phone, pager, etc.) and ask you to verify your motorcycle had a false alarm or was stolen. If the motorcycle has NOT been stolen, you will be able to dismiss the call by verifying that it was false alarm and by giving the operator validating information.

When you’re ready to ride, you simply disarm Phantom’s lockdown with your key fob and go; knowing you’re still being protected by Phantom crash detection.

The crash detection portion of the system does not require any activation such as an on/off switch. The Phantom unit comes installed with proprietary software and hardware, in the event the motorcycle is involved in an accident, a signal is sent directly to the monitoring center. Once one of their highly trained operators receives the crash detection signal, he or she will try to contact you by cell phone. If you are unable to answer the call, the operator will verify that the motorcycle still has not moved from the location the first signal was sent. At that point, the Phantom operator will contact local emergency services on your behalf and direct them to the location of the motorcycle.

The key to surviving any accident is to get help as quickly as possible. When riding alone and an accident occurs, getting help often requires the motorcyclist to make the call for help. If the motorcyclist is incapacitated in any way or their cell phone is not available, critical help can be delayed.

Phantom Tracking’s patented crash detection technology allows the tracking device to sense conditions experienced in a crash and notify the monitoring center of a possible crash and its location. Once a crash notification is received by the monitoring center a live operator will call the motorcycle owner to determine if assistance is needed. If no answer is received the monitoring center can dispatch emergency can dispatch emergency services to the location of the motorcycle.

Phantom Tracking pioneered motorcycle crash detection technology for motorcycles and is the only company to offer it. Combined with Phantom Tracking’s patented anti-theft tracking technology, Phantom is the only company to offer today’s motorcycle owners the safety and security they need.