The Only Active Security System That Works Directly With The Police In All 50 States.

  • Immediate notification of unauthorized motorcycle movement.
  • SiRF Star III technology tracks inside warehouses and garages.
  • 24 hour live monitoring center calls you in the event of a theft or crash.
  • Nation-wide coverage.
  • Next generation GSM/GPRS wireless connectivity.
  • Back-up battery: In case main power supply is lost or cut.

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The Phantom is designed for today’s motorcycle market.

The Phantom is engineered to give the end-user complete peace of mind with one click of the remote. The tracking device is so small it can be concealed within a motorcycle frame and combines an extremely reliable GPS receiver, data modem, ignition disable and key fob RF Interface to provide the industry’s leading most comprehensive security package. The unit uses GSM/GPRS technology to transmit real-time data in seconds, allowing the tracking and recovery to begin within the first critical moments following the theft.

Once armed, the motorcycle is monitored by the 24-hour monitoring center. In the event of a theft, the monitoring center is in constant contact with local authorities while tracking the vehicle, leading police to the stolen motorcycle.

The crash detection works by using an on-board accelerometer to detect a sudden deceleration event which is followed by confirmation that the motorcycle is on its side. Once this confirmation takes place the monitoring center is advised of the condition of the motorcycle and the monitoring center initiates a call to the motorcycle owner to determine if help is needed. If no answer is received help is sent to the location of the downed motorcycle via the monitoring center.

How does it work?

To the user, the Phantom unit works much like the traditional key fob controlled security systems. You press the button, and we do the rest. Read more...

Riding alone? . . . Not anymore!

Phantom Tracking’s crash detection technology means that wherever you go someone’s there to watch out for you. Read more...

Theft Protection / Recovery

It should come as no surprise that motorcycle theft is on the rise, what is surprising is the rate at which motorcycle has increased. Motorcycle thefts have increased 50% since 2004 and now stand at 63,828 nation-wide. Read more...

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