Frequently Asked Question(s)

1. How will Phantom recover my motorcycle in the event it is stolen?

2. What happens if my motorcycle is stolen and transported in a van or chopped in a shop? Will Phantom be able to communicate with the GPS satellites?

3. How do I know if Phantom is working?

4. How does the Phantom know where my motorcycle is?

5. Will it drain my motorcycle battery?

6. How many alert recipients can be listed?

7. What network does the Phantom use?

8. What makes Phantom the best product for motorcycle theft protection and rider safety?

9. Does Phantom have to be installed in any specific location?

10. What if my battery motorcycle goes dead?

11. Is there any specific software or application I will need to install on my phone, PDA, or computer?

12. Can I have more than one motorcycle tracked by Phantom?

13. Will I get a discount on my insurance if I have Phantom installed on my motorcycle?

14. Can the unit be installed on more than just motorcycles?

15. What happens if I sell my motorcycle? Can I transfer my device and account to another motorcycle?

16. Don’t see your question here?